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Staff Spotlight – Sabrina

Posted by on Dec 4, 2017 in Healthy Living, Staff, Y Stories, Y Stories, YMCA of the Inland Northwest |

Staff Spotlight | Sabrina Say hello to Sabrina, the new Health & Wellness Director at our Central Y. Those who frequent the Central Y will recognize the familiar face, as Sabrina has served as a Lifestyle Coach and more recently a Wellness Coach for the last year. Sabrina earned her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Eastern Washington University and is currently wrapping up a Master’s degree in Nutrition from Washington State University. Previously an academic advisor working at EWU, Sabrina loved connecting with people but wanted to make more of an impact in the lives of people in her community. Being a YMCA member, she knew the Y...

My Y Story – Anita

Posted by on Nov 28, 2017 in Health and Wellness, Healthy Living, Social Responsibility, Y Stories, Y Stories, YMCA of the Inland Northwest, Youth Development |

Even though she’s only responsible for one of them, just about every kid in the neighborhood calls Anita “Grandma.” It’s a role she takes willingly, helping to make sure the kids at the Richard Allen Apartments stay out of trouble and are being safe. This past summer, her granddaughter Arianna and others from the area were able to participate in the Safety Around Water program at the YMCA. The free lessons help introduce children to the water and prepare them for possible emergencies while at a pool, lake or other body of water. “Children feel safer when they know how to do something, especially around water.” Anita also says...

Staff Spotlight – Mark

Posted by on Nov 6, 2017 in Healthy Living, Social Responsibility, Staff, YMCA of the Inland Northwest |

Mark Hamilton is a Wellness Coach and personal trainer at the South Spokane YMCA. Mark has been with the Y for about a year, and has been a personal trainer for almost 8 years. He spent much of his life in business all over the West Coast, and after retiring was involved in a serious car accident. It left Mark with two broken legs and numerous other injuries, it was during his recovery that he had a moment of clarity, he decided to focus on his passion of connecting and helping people. “I wanted to find something where I could help people, help them make good changes in their life,” Mark...

YMCA Military Family Month

Posted by on Nov 1, 2017 in Health and Wellness, Healthy Living, Social Responsibility, Uncategorized, YMCA of the Inland Northwest, Youth Development |

November is Military Family Month, providing Americans the opportunity to recognize the dedication, sacrifice and service of military personnel and their families. The YMCA of the Inland Northwest supports military families this November and all year round though programs and initiatives that improve their well-being and provide opportunities to connect with other families waiting at home. With our thanks and appreciation of their service, Military and Veterans can visit any Spokane area YMCA for a FREE 2-Week Guest Pass November 5-19, 2017. Join fees will be waived with membership initiation. Please bring Active Military ID, DD214 or Veteran ID Card from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. “Military families have...

YMCA Annual Campaign Story – Gabby

Posted by on Oct 27, 2017 in Uncategorized |

    I was born in Southern China, and when I was a baby, I was found in a box on a sidewalk, wrapped in a black leather jacket. Someone took me to an orphanage that housed 300 other baby girls with just 12 nannies to care for all of us. At 11 months, I was adopted by my Spokane family. I’ve always had a speech impediment, so I was an extremely shy, parent-clinging young child. When they took me to daycare, I would howl and bawl until I’d created a huge, embarrassing scene for everyone. Three years ago, my parents shoved me, a painfully timid 13-year-old, through the...

YMCA Annual Campaign Story – Dennis

Posted by on Oct 27, 2017 in Uncategorized |

  Fourteen months ago Dennis was in the third and final stages of an incurable cancer. He endured six months of radiation and chemotherapy to put his cancer briefly in remission. Then, Dennis fell. What would have been a minor spill resulted in an explosive burst fracture of his spine and an eight-hour surgery to repair his shattered body. Cancer had left him broken and alone. Dennis had no access to physical support or emotional support and no community where he could belong. Worst, he struggled to feel self-worth with no ability to contribute to society. During recovery, his physical therapist suggested he check out the YMCA for help....