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Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 in Fall Activities, Health and Wellness, Healthy Living, Slider |

Healthy Tips for Fall

Healthy Tips for Fall

With summer ending, our daily physical activities become more limited and less spontaneous. Shorter daylight hours and changing weather requires more preparation and planning for outdoor fun. While we establish our fall routines, creating a year-long fitness plan now gives us time to build habits before the pressures of the holidays distract us from making healthy choices a priority.

The recommended minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week can be easily met through these guidelines (borrowed from the Step UP and Go website):

Cardiovascular Exercise

  • Set 30 minute goals, 5 times per week to achieve the minimum. Increase goals to 60 minutes to build stamina, strength and lose weight.
  • You can meet your daily goal all at once or by breaking it up into smaller increments throughout the day (at least 10 minutes at a time).

Resistance Exercise

  • Adults should train each major muscle group two to three days per week using a variety of exercises and equipment.
  • For each exercise perform 8-12 repetitions to improve strength and power, 10-15 repetitions to improve strength in those just starting exercise and 15-20 repetitions to improve muscular endurance.

Flexibility Exercise

  • Focus on flexibility exercises at least two to three days per week to improve range of motion.
  • Each stretch should be held for 10-30 seconds to a point of slight discomfort. Accumulate 60 seconds per stretch.
  • Flexibility exercise is most effective when the muscles are warm.


Incorporating these tips into a daily routine – starting today – will establish a healthy pattern that you can practice throughout the year.