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Impact in Action – My Y Story: Quintin Horseman

Impact in Action – My Y Story: Quintin Horseman

In Memory & Honor of Quintin, by Seth Williams

Often times a person’s poor first impression can break a relationship before it even begins. Fortunately, this was not the case with Quintin Horseman and Seth Williams of the YMCA Youth Investment program. Initially irritable and upset that he had to work off his community service hours at the North YMCA branch, Quintin came with a chip on his shoulder, making life challenging for the staff. Seth thought, “Man, this kid is going to be a tough nut to crack.” However, he was determined to help Quintin in any way he could. As time progressed, so did their relationship, and Seth began to witness more of the positive attributes, including an incredible sense of humor and forthrightness, that Quintin possessed. Seth knew these characteristics could be applied in a productive manner and was eager for him to employ them in the everyday world.

Having recently received his GED as well as his welder’s certificate, Quintin was putting his constructive attributes to practice. He was also working as an AmeriCorps member to foster his practical skills in order to enhance his career opportunities. Moreover, he was a part of the Northwest Youth Corp, who offer a challenging education and job-training experience that helps youth from adverse backgrounds develop the skills they need to lead full and productive lives. The first impression of Quintin may have been of a disgruntled youth, but the most important impression of him was of a man making positive changes in his life.
Seth’s time with Quintin spanned close to four fruitful years, but it should have lasted much longer. In July 2014 while heading to work, all the progress and improvement in Quintin’s life came to a halt when he suffered a fatal crash on his bicycle. His passing was especially hard for Seth because after all the time and energy he invested in Quintin, he could see that it was having an irrefutable impact. It is not every day where one can play such an instrumental role in shaping another’s turnaround, and to see the promise of Quintin’s future end so abruptly, was especially difficult. No matter what though, Seth was blessed to be a part of his life and remarkable turnaround. This is just another example of the heart YMCA staff invest into their charges as they mentor and guide them toward a better future.

Rest in peace. Quintin Horseman, July 28, 1995 – July 9, 2014