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Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Active Older Adults, Health and Wellness, Impact In Action, My Y Story, Valley YMCA, Y Stories, YMCA of the Inland Northwest |

My Y Story – Daniel & Patty Sparks

My Y Story – Daniel & Patty Sparks

Time catches up with all of us. It eventually tells our knees, hips, and shoulders we are no longer twenty. For Patty and Daniel, who both learned to swim at the Y as children, time was calling them to rethink their fitness goals. Realizing they would not be able to age and continue to run or play basketball at their previous youthful levels, they looked for a physical activity they could pursue together. They found juggling and joined the Y in June 2009. Some laugh when they hear about juggling. That’s O.K. Patty and Daniel, who have been married 31 years, don’t mind. What’s nice about the Y is so many are involved in the pursuit of physical fitness to enjoy life and improve their health. It’s the goal-setting and commitment of Y members, whether lifting weights, participating in a TRX class, or sweating and grooving to a Zumba class, which encourage Patty and Daniel to continue to work at their juggling game. Just being around all of these active people is inspirational to set goals for self improvement.

On March 9, 2013, Patty and Daniel were juggling at the Valley Y. On that Saturday the Spokane Shock football players were there, as well, playing basketball before their opening game. Eric Meyer, the Shock quarterback and previous year Arena Football MVP, approached the jugglers. Eric knew how to juggle three beanbags. Patty taught Eric how to do several three-ball tricks, taught him to juggle four balls (he learned immediately), and how to pass while juggling six bean bags together. Eric shouted to his wide receiver, Steven Black, “Come over here and learn to juggle! This will be good for you!”

That is what is so positive about the Y. It’s a community place which can inspire an MVP to learn something from a lady with gray hair.