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Posted by on Oct 8, 2012 in Health and Wellness, Healthy Living, Sports and Recreation, Youth Sports |

Pickle Without the Jar

Since being founded in 1965, Pickle Ball has been a great pastime for many people, adults and youngsters alike. Pickle Ball is very similar to badminton. The sport is played on a badminton court using a small wooden paddle. Using the same net (which has been lowered to 34 inches) the players take turns hitting a perforated plastic baseball back and forth to each other across the net.

The game starts out with the server hitting the ball off the bounce with an underhand stroke. The receiving team allows the ball to bounce on their side of the net before hitting the ball back to the other side. After the ball has bounced on each side of the net twice then the game is opened to volleys, hitting the ball without letting it bounce. On either side of the net is a 7 foot non-volley zone which requires the ball to bounce on the ground before it can be hit back to the other side.

Both teammates on each side can serve and teams can only score points when they serve. A team wins when they reach eleven points (however they must win by 2 points). Points are scored when the ball fails to be returned by the opposite team or when the opposite team makes an error or breaks a rule. The same team that served the ball continues to serve, called a rally, until they fail to hit the ball back over the net, step into the non-volley zone and volley, allow the ball to bounce twice, or if the ball hits anywhere on their body (your arm is considered to be an extension of your body).

Rumor has it the name Pickle Ball came from the founder’s family dog but an interview with Joel Pritchard, one of the three co-founders, has revealed the family dog was not born until after the game was invented and the dog was indeed named after the game. The name Pickle Ball was derived from the need to have a quirky name.

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